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Basics of Digital Marketing

35 Lessons

2 hours 30 minutes 4 Enrolled


The practice of promoting goods, services, or brands online falls under the umbrella of the field known as “digital marketing.” Individuals can navigate this dynamic and ever-expanding sector with the help of a digital marketing course, which gives them the fundamental information and skills they need.

Search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, web analytics, and digital advertising are some of the topics the course normally covers. The creation of successful digital marketing campaigns, audience targeting, data analysis, and campaign performance evaluation are all skills that students master.

In order to teach students how to optimize websites for search engine results, SEO is a crucial skill. The main goal of social media marketing is to leverage social platforms to interact with customers and spread brand recognition. To draw in and keep an audience, content marketing places a strong emphasis on producing worthwhile and pertinent material. Students who study email marketing learn how to use email campaigns to attract and keep customers. PPC advertising includes paid advertising networks like Facebook Ads and Google AdWords.

Students also study methods and tools for tracking and analyzing the effectiveness of campaigns and websites through web analytics. They discover new information on consumer behavior, market trends, and the success of their marketing initiatives.

Individuals who successfully complete a digital marketing course have a firm understanding of the concepts and procedures involved in this field. These abilities give them the tools they need to create and put into practice successful marketing strategies in the modern digital environment.




  • Video lectures
  • PPTs and e-books
  • Interactive multimedia
  • Quizzes and assessments
  • 3 hours of on-demand video content.
  • Accessible on mobile and TV devices.
  • Benefit from lifetime access to the full course.
  • Receive a certificate of completion upon finishing the course.


  • No Prior Digital Marketing Knowledge Needed
  • Suitable for All Types of Businesses
  • Action-Oriented for Real Results


  • This course is for anyone who wants to learn about Digital Marketing
  • It's perfect for complete beginners with zero experience
  • New Entrepreneurs
  • Website Owners in Need of Traffic and Sales
  • Individuals Seeking High-Paying Digital Skills
  • Business Owners Exploring Digital Marketing Platforms
  • Bloggers, YouTubers, and Social Media Users"

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn how to identify and understand your target audience
  • Discover how to create engaging and relevant content
  • Learn how to effectively use social media to drive website traffic and increase brand awareness
  • Improve your overall digital marketing skills and stay competitive in today's market.
  • Grow Your Business Online Easily
  • Earn Money as an Affiliate Marketer
  • Get a Job as A Digital Marketing Expert
  • Work From Your Home as a Freelance Marketer
  • Increase Audience, Website Traffic, and Social Media Followers
  • Utilize All Social Media Platforms for Business Growth
  • Boost Conversions and Sales with Real Digital Marketing Tips and Tricks

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